high-end wooden products for living spaces.

Only the Best

wood inventories are used at surukotoga we hand select every piece of wood used to design all of our products,  surukotoga’s master artist is “Mother Nature”. We contribute by designing the shape and wood finishing for a one-of-a-kind result!

For The Bath

Soap Saver


Soap caddies make a perfect addition to your bathroom shower stall, sink, or bathtub. These soap caddies are designed to circulate airflow around your soap preventing gooey buildup.

Tissue Box

Bath Mat

“Aeromatic Cedar”

Bring a spa-like feeling to your bathroom with our hand-crafted, water-resistant aromatic cedar bath mat. We make them in various sizes and can even custom construct one to fit your bathroom space.

“Red Oak”

Our “Quercus rubra Red Oak  tissue box covers can turn that ordinary tissue box into a thing of beauty.

Tooth Brush Cup

“A cup to hold your toothbrush”

Hand-carved cups to hold your toothbrush. We make them it in cherry, walnut, and red oak.

Bathroom Trash Can

“Simple Bathroom Trash Can”

This hand-made, mini trash can is available in three various hardwoods We normally have Cherry, Black Walnut, and Maple on-hand.

For The Kitchen

Soap Saver

“Kitchen Version 

These soap caddies work well in the Kitchen too with their thin, sleek design. The Kitchen version is also great for bottle soaps.

Dish Dry Rack

“Kitchen or Camping”

Pan Scrapper

“Scratchless Pots & Pans”

We cut our scrappers on a specific angle to ensure easy removal of hard stuck-on foods on your pots and pans. We make them in small. medium, large, and extra-large models.

Charcuterie Boards

“Walnut Board with Handle”

We designed a series of Cutting and Charcuterie boards with the look of a pizza paddle.  Back in our high school days, a few of us worked for a neighborhood pizzeria, we remembered pulling pie’s from the oven with wooden paddles. Paying homage to the pizza paddle. 

Barbeque Boards & Platters

“Sturdy & Robust”

Our Barbeque Boards & Platters are awesome for those looking for a cutting/serving board that’s sturdy and easy to maintain. Our Barbeque Boards & Platters are excellent options for those looking for low maintenance combo cutting and serving board.

Charcuterie Board

“Basic Cherry”

We love creating Charcuterie and Cutting boards with simple statements like this inlaid swirls and cut-a-way handle Charcuterie board.

Charcuterie Board

“Shou-Sugi Ban”

We used this Japanese burning technique to preserve the board and lockout potential bacteria.

Charcuterie Boards 

“Twin Walnut boards
with handles”

We have a series of boards we do as twin sets. These twin sets are made from unusually colored Black Walnut.

We have a series of boards we do as twin sets. These twin sets are made from unusually colored Black Walnut.

Sea Food/Fish Board

“Sustainable Bamboo”

Bamboo from the grass family is awesome for those looking for a cutting board that’s sturdy and easy to maintain. Our Bamboo cutting and Charcuterie boards are excellent options for those looking for a low maintenance cutting and serving board.

Keepsakes for the Kitchen

“Hand-Carved Kitchenware”


“What Customers are Saying”

“I totally love their design style”

“I was looking for a uniquely designed wooden serving platter. After asking the folks at surukotoga, they not only sold me a beautiful serving board, they spent the time to educate me on what I might want is called a “Charcuterie” board. They then showed me how to pair wines with cheeses, fruits, and other goodies for my new board.” Rasaun

“Makes my table look Fabulous & flawless”

“My husband and I planned a backyard event to celebrate the completion of our new outdoor kitchen and patio, One of the best decisions we made was purchasing a cutting and charcuterie board from surukotoga. We love how they educated us on our purchase. The boards were the highlight of the dinner table, They simply looked fabulous & flawless. ” Lauren

“Another successful cocktail party”

“I was just looking for something a little different for my once a year cocktail party for my business. I had been shopping for cutting boards that I could .cut and then serve on. All the cutting boards I looked at had the same old design – Boring! I wanted something that I could cut and serve on.  I found just the cutting board at Surukotoga that doubles as a Charcuterie board.  It looked awesome all dressed up at my cocktail party! ” Alexis

“A friend recommended I checkout Surukotoga after I told him I wanted a sturdy cutting board that I can pass down to my kids. It was the best piece of information he gave me. I love the fact that I made an appointment to visit their studio. Once their, they walked me through different cutting board options, and even provided me with a Charcuterie board snack to demonstrate what’s possible! I learned so much, I was speechless!  ” Tanya

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Our News 

We are currently making plans for a spring cutting and Charcuterie maintenance workshop. Spring / summer is coming, barb-ques, out door activities, make sure your Cutting and Charcuterie boards are oiled and ready to serve. Stop back by for times and dates, we are making preparations now.

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